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Possible Injury After Hwy 50, Zinfandel Dr Crash in Rancho Cordova

Founder & Principal Attorney
Maison Law

Rancho Cordova, CA – According to KCRA, a traffic incident on westbound Highway 50 near the Zinfandel Drive offramp caused significant congestion on Friday morning, April 19, 2024. According to California Highway Patrol logs, the crash involved two vehicles, one of which overturned, leading to a blockage of the #1 and #2 lanes by debris.

Authorities were alerted to the scene at approximately 6:34 AM, and the traffic disruption was evident on Caltrans CCTV map cameras. The roadway was cleared by 7:07 AM, allowing traffic to resume its flow.

While the crash resulted in a possible minor injury, the exact cause of the incident remains unclear as of now.

Personal Injury Claims

Establishing fault in a collision can depend on various factors, and the state of California allows for partial liability to be allocated to multiple parties. Helping to determine legal liability is one of the ways that a personal injury attorney can help victims as they are recovering from a traffic accident.

Suppose it is determined that another party holds responsibility for their injuries. In that case, victims may be eligible to file a personal injury claim with the insurance provider of those at fault. A personal injury claim can provide compensation to help cover hospital fees, burial costs, and the loss of income due to time taken off work for recovery

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