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investigators working a crime scene at night behind police line do not cross tape

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Sacramento County, CA — On Monday, June 3, 2024, two teenagers were arrested after a high-speed chase in a stolen vehicle resulted in a collision that seriously injured a mother walking across a street with her child, according to Fox40.

The incident unfolded around 5 PM when the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office located a stolen vehicle in North Highlands. The vehicle, driven by a 16-year-old boy with another 16-year-old in the passenger seat, led deputies on a dangerous pursuit.

During the chase, the stolen vehicle sped through an intersection, striking another vehicle and a pedestrian woman who was walking with her child. The woman suffered serious injuries in the collision.

Following the crash, the teenagers attempted to flee on foot, but deputies quickly apprehended them. A gun was also recovered at the scene. The teens were arrested and taken into custody.

Duty of Care Toward Pedestrians

Drivers are expected to provide a special “duty of care” toward pedestrians, who are more vulnerable and more likely to receive fatal injuries in traffic collisions. However, establishing liability can depend on multiple factors. Sorting through these complexities to determine fault is one of the services a personal injury attorney can provide.

Even after fault is established, insurance companies will attempt to minimize any claim they cannot deny. That is another place where a personal injury attorney can prove valuable by negotiating on behalf of victims to win them the full compensation they are due.

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